I too am, also locked in myself

Of a widespread bedcover
as faint lustrous blue,
light of a shimmering beam
by large yellowish-orange hues,
By their stillness
Rest those million stars
By their silence
They are but a keeper, yet of constant swooning too,
Present in the velvety reflection
Of a large, magnificent comforter,
But covered deep that pain, one that they do hide,
I too am, also locked in myself
Within those eyes
Far in the back of the mind
In the clearing of this heart
To a core within myself
Of all, that has led to me
Of that which already is, and is now lost too ..
It is this revolving cluster
One that too speaks on my behalf
On my on-goings, of…

They come forever but as anew

The winds, they carry
By a soft heeding, to
my intentness
they come to flow ..
In a frail voice,
As a sweet streaming,
By a promising call,
As does a bard with a lore anew ..
To now
My mind, as it is now dead attentive
My heart which goes calm as its balm
My spirit to awaken to gather ..
The winds, they carry
Though as they drift by mellow streaks
But toward me, for a deciphering
In their profound, tough heralding
To those perpetual printings
But in most alluring outlines
have they too been,
As in order to read between the fines
Only to those, but that always were
The whispers by truth!


To a factor in the supreme

I am now
In the flowerings of peace
Descended over by most surreal
Forever to scents of love
Of a dissolving until my spirit of life
I am now too
By all of my walking
In those vast gardens shaded of sun’s bright
Bed-covered of my sweet, warm abode
Guided in gentle hands, like of some mansion supreme
But then it has been by the next too,
That I have come to know, in which
Of a clasping shadow that it followed me
A mirage by the drylands that now erupted in me
A serpent amid all serpents that too gnaws,
now at me for its privilege to life
Waters that were sweet now have…


I have fully tired
Of my keenly listening
By incessantly sitting
Of restfully wishing
By plain strolling
and by freely wandering
In being at ease all the time
On getting bounty and then getting
That all this much exhausted me I say!
That I would now, hope to wake up,
By walking that path
In collecting the milestones of my roads
In marking every good chance
To climb atop that tower
And do reach a summit
that my quiet slumber-times had in me mend
Bequeathed to me, a fickle friend!

For the treasure of constant naturalness
Of calm clarity
Of flowing in…


The forest moon

The quiet sea air

Wind of a meadow

Water beneath a tree

Frost on plain land

An existence, they let out

Quiet and Surreal

Still, yet there

The being of is.


I am seated on a thick wooden bench

Has over a misty surface, with markings of colored hue

In belonging of rains of time.

My teacup vaporizing above

its essence coupled for this surreal transpiring,

and where I am

towards the pull in a trancelike pervading

and by watchful eyes, dreamlike.

Sitting dwelled of a

singular stream of long thought

of this,

Here I am by my ideal cottage

to belong to that faraway dream,

Reclined, to an outspreading landscape

of that declining valley, those sculpted hills

such chance-like green, a devout all-pervading mist,

That here I am to this…


There is a silent and deep spirit,

In which there is but a roar,

A mind that just keeps busy

Among which lies sounds of deep howls,

A moderate act of a spatial limitation

To it, a confined volcano dormant would stay,

Doubtful to learn of its own wings that fly

Keeping a promising spirit that has a further reach beyond even the skies,

Sitting aside by the edge

It is chained here and keeps pulling it

fidgeting and helpless,

Watching silent over its eyes airplanes fly past

Crippled towards where it lay in distress,

Nearing people and fairs move…



Dear Diary,

I am truly feeling lost. There is only fear. Whereas I again so wish to be ever lost and only far freer, like a non-entity. Upon this, I remain as a part of this great movement that is this world, where everything just keeps moving on and though laid-back it is by a nearly comfortable lock-down, anytime again things will roll faster than previously. The thought of which gives me jitters. And this to me really is the scariest and uncomfortable state to be in.

I feel more and more as if I am trapped. I do…


As I sit to ponder

Over the manner in which ‘love’ is

Only to find myself of regret

That I had previous thoughts and actions

That was by my best comprehension

that didn’t last.

Neither had I able to see further too

To find that place where its secrets do lay

It is instead only to be further led back

To myself.

It is now to be a deep-seated issue to me,

further from

now giving the respite of clarity, ever since it came by.

Under it, though have I not passed through a whole eternity

and as if lived…


Dear Friend,

By you has relayed my own spirit’s form, for it must carry its heavy contents, and should speak now in words, which complexity and depth never allow to pass.

Now. This I should tell you, that from sometime something is deeply bothering me.

I have wished ever since to set away that which has been cast like a deep shadow in me. Much, if not all, feels to me as though shrouded. Certainly, my life then should discover a better wheel than this. It as though seems rather desperate by breaking all of its own rotations. To me…

Deepti Talwar

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